Not for the feint of heart, but definitely for the man who likes adventure! If you are up to the challenge or maybe even just want to fulfill a life long fantasy, get in touch and book a three-way session!

As soon as you let me know you want to book a threesome, I will call on my sexy, attractive friend and arrange it. So are you ready to spend time with me and a very attractive slim sexy blond with a delicious body?? Two’s company, but three’s mind blowing…

£320 for an hour you will not forget… I promise it will be the best threesome in Maidenhead or Windsor!


Read my latest review:


“I had opted for the 2 girl service offered by Sacha as a treat to myself for turning 40!

I started my meeting with Sacha and Evie with a drink and a chat, I have meet both before on separate occasions so I was immediately at ease. Both were dressed up very nicely in skirts and blouses part of my request for our time together, but it was obvious that they had made an effort in any case. That’s what I love about them both, little touches like good quality shoes, underwear, perfumes. Everything was just classy.

I was very excited about our meeting, and I had already requested some specific things to do with our time when I booked. We started with a bit of banter, a little bit of a show with Sacha and Evie having a kiss and asking me what I wanted them to do next. I was happy to oblige and enjoyed every moment of getting them down to their underwear. They then suggested that I get undressed so I thought why not get them to do it for me? I loved it! Getting one of them to unbutton my shirt whist the other ran her hands round under it from behind me. From there we spent the rest of our time having fun and aside from the erotic play and the sex, I genuinely had a good laugh too which to me meant so much to be comfortable and truly enjoy myself with no worries about anything else. I was actually sad to see our time finish but to say I walked out with a smile was an understatement.

I will be booking another session again soon, and after some of the suggestions of what we could do next time, I will be letting Sacha and Evie lead the games!”